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Your Town Government

 The Town of Calypso was chartered in 1913.  We have a Mayor-Council form of government.  Calypso's Town Board consists of six (6) members, the Mayor and five (5) commissioners.  The Mayor can only vote to break a tie.   

Calypso's Board of Commissioners work together as a unified body for the betterment of the Town of Calypso in areas of financial decisions, infrastructure, beautification, land use, recreation, public safety, and economic development.  


6:00 PM

Council Chambers

First Monday

of Each Month

103 W Trade St.

Calypso, NC  28325

Elected Officials

toc_JoAnne Wilson.jpg

Mayor JoAnn Wilson

Mayor Pro Tem Rubylene Lambert

Finance and Cemetery
fire dept.jfif

Lisa Tyndall

Marty Taylor

Larry Cashwell

Troy Jernigan

Public Safety and Beautification
Streets/Ditches & Planning
Water and Sewer
Parks and Recreation
Swearing in.jpg

Town Charter

On March 5, 1913, the General Assembly of North Carolina passed an act to incorporate (charter) the Village of Calypso in Duplin County. The articles of incorporation stated that J. R. Maxwell was to be mayor and W. T. Patten, John Parker, William Summerlin, F. M. Sellers, and P. S. Newton were to be commissioners until an election could be held on the first Tuesday in May 1913, and every two years thereafter. Elections are still every two years, but they are now held in November instead of May to coincide with the general elections.

In 2023, the Board of Commissioners voted to change commissioner terms to being staggered.  Elections will continue every two (2) years, but commissioner terms will now be four (4) years, where two (2) seats will be on the ballot in 2025, and three (3) seats will be on the ballot in 2027.

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